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Empowering Credit Unions through Education.

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We are a corps of experts aggregated from
all parts of the credit union movement in one virtual location.

VirtualCorps.com® offers a full library of over 70 webinars, hosted by a variety of expertise. Our experts are available to consult as an extension of staff to all asset sized credit unions and teach simple to advanced levels.

The core focus of 
VirtualCorps.com® is:

  1. Offer educational programming through desktop webinars, live workshops, and speaking engagements.

  2. Fulfill extension of staff needs at the institutional level via contract for hire opportunities and projects.

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Access our full library of over 70 educational webinars contemporary and compliant topics.

All our content is available for live speaking engagements, and we also offer workshops for Small CUs.

If you're looking for solutions, contact us and we can place you with an expert suited to your needs.

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