What is VirtualCorps?

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We are a corps of experts aggregated from all parts of the credit union movement in one virtual location.® offers a full library of over 70 webinars, hosted by a variety of speakers that can also present live at annual meetings and conferences. Our experts are available to consult as an extension of staff to all asset sized credit unions. Our experts teach simple to advances levels.

The core focus of® is:

  1. Offer educational programming through desktop webinars or live workshops/speaking engagement.

    Our webinars are hosted with a web camera platform that supports up to four presenters, as well as PowerPoint content. The yearly webinar schedule showcases 24 webinars twice a month and is scheduled with the support of the NJCUL.

  2. Fulfill extensions of staff needs at the institutional level via contract for hire opportunities and projects.

    In addition to webinars, all of our experts are available for extension of staff and/or consulting opportunities. We have an extensive list of solutions offered by our corps of experts. Please see the solutions list and contact us for further expert contracting and consulting opportunities.® works with all asset sized credit unions, with all levels of understanding, and in a regulatory, compliant manner. 

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