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Pablo DeFillipi

Pablo DeFillipi

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Since 1974 the Federation has represented, supported and invested in credit unions that serve financially underserved communities. They have developed unique expertise and brought innovation to expand access to affordable and equitable financial services. The Federation is a resource for the entire credit union system and welcomes any credit union interested in serving untapped markets with tremendous growth potential.

As the Associate Director of Membership, DeFillipi has embodied the Federation’s mission, to strengthen the credit unions that serve low-and moderate-income people in urban and rural communities, known as “community development credit unions,” or CDCUs. The Federation carries out this mission by advocating for and providing financial, technical, and human resources to CDCUs. The Federation regards all CDCUs as CDFIs within the meaning of the CDFI Act.

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Low Income & Community Development Financial Institutions

Access to Grant Funding, Secondary Capital: Growth-winning strategies for Community Development Credit Unions So, You’re a Low Income Designated CU: Now What? Leveraging the CDFI Certification to Increase Community Impact and Relevance in the Marketplace Doing Well by Doing Good: Opportunities for Growth and Relevance in the Low and Moderate Income Market High Octane Fuel: Using Supplemental Capital to Sustain Your Growth The New Face of Today's Credit Union Member

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