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Randy Thompson

Randy Thompson

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TCT Risk Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in asset liability management, pricing of loans and shares, and provides strategic planning. The CostPro™ Suite has assisted credit unions across the nation in risk based pricing of loans and the management of share rates.

Randy’s background includes more than 10 years in banking, 15 years in higher education and 4 years in state and national government. He has held various positions in his banking career including branch manager, senior commercial loan officer, and Division Vice President. During his banking tenure he created a cutting edge methodology for pricing commercial loans. His research and teaching focused on the development of effective behavior change models.

A major part of his teaching was graduate statistics & research and his statistical background provided a foundation for the development of CostPro™ Suite.

Risk BAsed Lending / Pricing / Credit Migration / Other

Board of Director Education

Understanding Financial Statements and Ratios: Part 1 Advanced Financial Literacy for Directors: Applying Ratio Analysis to Manage the Balance Sheet and Maximize Income: Part 2 How is Risk Based Capital Calculated; What is the Best Calculation for Your CU? Enhancing Leadership Skills of Boards of Directors Streamlining Your Board Meetings to Maximize Efficiency How to Comply with Federal Regulation on Liquidity Requirements Expanding Your Loan Pool and Improving Your Earnings with Risk Based Lending: Part 1 Understanding the Risk in Your Loan Portfolio Precision and Sanity in Allowance Calculation Effective Methods Used to Form and Test Assumptions Reduce Loan Risk Using FICO Score Monitoring & Credit Migration Models Identify Key Lending Opportunities for Loan Growth Using Credit Migration Basic ALM Education for Board Members/Leaders ALM Part 4: Case Studies in Interest Rate Risk (IRR) – Strategies for Managing IRR Risk Deposit Pricing Proven Strategies for Growing Loan and Enhancing Yields: Part 2 A New Way To Look at Liquidity at Your Credit Union Early Warning Signs of Loan Deterioration Risk Based Loan Pricing Concentration Risk Modeling to Comply with Regulations Is your Credit Union prepared for Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)? Using Stochastic Modeling Tools to Control Delinquency and Loan Losses How to Safely & Profitably Offer Loans to the Non-Prime Market

Webinar Topics

Risk Based Lending / Pricing / Credit Migration

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

ALM Part 3: Effective Use of Simulations in Managing Interest Rate Risk (IRR)

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