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Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman

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Sarah Zimmerman is a creative director, graphic designer, web designer, and online marketing educator. Currently Sarah is the VP of Creative Development with Idaho-based creative agency Instabuild.

Unlike many creative directors, Sarah likes to remain very hands-on. She prefers to lead by example and instruction. She is extremely experienced in all elements of marketing and design, from traditional advertising to interactive and emerging technologies.

Sarah has always immersed herself deep in the world of graphic design and marketing. Throughout her career she has garnered extensive experience helping small businesses establish their identities and build beautiful, lasting brands. Her philosophy is that good design should never be compromised, no matter the budget. She believes that every business deserves access to beautiful and functional design, with branding aimed to cut through all the noise and help tell their story.

Web Design / Strategic Marketing / BrandinG / Social Media

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