Solutions tailored for small to mid-size Credit Unions.® experts have extensive experience working with small to mid-sized Credit Unions. Please see our solutions list below and get in touch with us if you are interested in consulting opportunities or extension of staff.

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ALM / Annual / Quarterly / Bi-Annual Runs for Small & Mid-sized CUs

Bruce Moret Randy Thompson

Small - Mid Market Strategies

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Scott Butterfield

Compliance / BSA / Other

Millennial Programs

Dennis Child

Scott Butterfield

Board of Director Education

Loan Participations

Scott Butterfield

Organic Loan Growth Strategies

Pablo DeFillipi

Secondary Capital

Grant Writing, LID, CDFI Certification Assistance

Pablo DeFillipi

Sarah Zimmerman Scott Butterfield Ken Bator

Strategic Marketing / Branding / Social Media

Strategic Planning & Board Governance

Scott Butterfield Randy Thompson

Loan & Concentration Risk Policy Development

Randy Thompson Dolores Pico Dennis Child

Randy Thompson Pablo DeFillipi

Non-Prime Market Lending

Bruce Moret

Loan Risk Management

Randy Thompson Randy Thompson

Credit Migration

Stochastic Loan & Deposit Pricing Tools

Randy Thompson

Risk Based Lending / Pricing

Randy Thompson Scott Butterfield Ken Bator Jonathan Cerrito

Dolores Pico
Pablo DeFillipi Bruce Moret Dennis Child Sarah Zimmeran Randy Thompson Gregg Stockdale Amy Rapp Dolore Pico Dennis Child Scott Butterfield Scott Butterfield Dennis Child Amy Rapp