Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Credit Union Merger Trends

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

ALM Part 3: Effective Use of Simulations in Managing Interest Rate Risk (IRR) Basic ALM Education for Board Members / Leaders ALM Part 2: Using Stochastic Methods to Accurately Set ALM Limits ALM Part 1: NEV vs. EAR – The difference between Value at Risk (NEV) and Earnings at Risk (EAR) ALM Part 4: Case Studies in Interest Rate Risk (IRR) – Strategies for Managing IRR Risk Standardizing the ALCO Process


Compliance with Federal Credit Union Act 12U.S. Code 1752a. (e) Functional Compliance Management Program How to Pay for Rising Employee Benefit Obligation (EBO) Costs The BCX and Z Regulations of Lending Compliance with Regulations E & J and their related Rules

Legal Executive Compensation Strategies

Negotiating Your Executive Compensation Package

Strategic Marketing / Branding

Shared Accountability through Service Standards Finding the Pieces That Fit Branding the Experience Strategic Planning & Implementation Digital Marketing, Social Media & Your Online Presence Social Media & Your Brand The Formula For Business Success B+C+S Finding Diversity Within the Board & Committees Building Your Culture Through Leadership Today Keeping it “Social”: Growth Strategies That Work! Access to Grant Funding, Secondary Capital: Growth-winning strategies for Community Development Credit Unions


Doing Well by Doing Good: Opportunities for Growth and Relevance in the Low and Moderate Income Market Leveraging the CDFI Certification to Increase Community Impact and Relevance in the Marketplace So, You’re a Low Income Designated CU: Now What? High Octane Fuel: Using Supplemental Capital to Sustain Your Growth Top Promising Revenue Products for 2015

Growth / Marketing / Millennial / Affiliates

The Partnership Perspective: Utilizing Community to Do More with Less Memo to the Sales Desk: It’s Not What or How, but WHY Millennials Want Convenient Access to Products and Services We Don’t Have Strategic Planning Prep Why Credit Union are Pursuing Affiliate Structures Practical Ways to Remove Sales and Service Roadblocks How to Grow Loans When You Are a Small Fish Living in a Big Pond Microenterprise C3: Raising Credit Unions to a Higher Power

Micro Enterprise - Small Business vs MBL

Loan Growth / Lending Strategies

Loan Participations: The Ins and Outs Why a Payday Alternative Loan May be Helpful to Many of Your Members

Risk Based Lending / Pricing / Credit Migration

How to Safely and Profitably Offer Loans to the Non-Prime Market Concentration Risk Modeling to Comply with Regulations Is your Credit Union prepared for Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Deposit Pricing Effective Methods Used to Form and Test Assumptions Identify Key Lending Opportunities for Loan Growth Using Credit Migration Expanding Your Loan Pool and Improving Your Earnings with Risk Based Lending: Part 1 Understanding the Risk in Your Loan Portfolio Reduce Loan Risk Using FICO Score Monitoring and Credit Migration Models Risk Based Loan Pricing Using Stochastic Modeling Tools to Control Delinquency and Loan Losses Precision and Sanity in Allowance Calculation Proven Strategies for Growing Loan and Enhancing Yields: Part 2 A New Way To Look at Liquidity at Your Credit Union Early Warning Signs of Loan Deterioration Topic Index® › Understanding Financial Statements and Ratios: Part 1

Board of Director Education

How is Risk Based Capital Calculated; What is the Best Calculation for Your CU? Advanced Financial Literacy for Directors: Applying Ratio Analysis to Manage the Balance Sheet and Maximize Income: Part 2 Streamlining Your Board Meetings to Maximize Efficiency Comprehensive Board of Directors Training – Overview How to Comply with Federal Regulation on Liquidity Requirements Board of Directors Credit Union Financial Analysis and Ratios Board of Director Training on The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Enhancing Leadership Skills of Boards of Directors Developing Board Skills and Reviewing Regulations: Master Event

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The New Face of Today's Credit Union Member Point – Counter Point: The 2016 Election and the Impact on Credit Unions
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